Radim Janda

Android & Fullstack developer · Prague · contact@rjanda.net


My name is Radim Janda. On this page I would like to introduce my interests around IT world.
I started coding since first years of elementary school, currently Im most focused on developing apps for OS Android.
Before I had experience with fullstack development, for example I can also provide server part for mobile applications.


High school graduation work

Sorting algorithms education program · C#

I studied high school focused on electrical engineering. Except basic programming with C I was able to learn more about microprocessor programming with assembler and other automated systems. As my graduation work I chosed - Education program for sorting algorithms, written in C# - link (czech only).

June 2013

Czech Technical University in Prague

Bachelor degree (Bc.) · Software Engineering · Faculty of Information Technologies

My studium on CTU FIT I rate very positively, it brought me lot of knowledge and experiences. My bachelor thesis was focused on development of fitness Android app - link (czech only).

September 2013 - June 2016

Czech Technical University in Prague

Masters degree (Ing.) · Software Engineering · Faculty of Information Technologies

I continued on masters degree which I finished with thesis focused on development of RESTful API apps and analysis of technologies available in this area - link (czech only).

September 2016 - June 2018


Android developer


Development of several Android apps for largest Czech e-commerce - Alza.cz.

June 2020 - now

Android developer

Zonky s.r.o.

Development of official Android app for largest Czech P2P loan lending platform - Zonky.

August 2018 - May 2022

Android developer, Full stack developer

VIPtrust s.r.o.

Development of several Android apps, also full stack development of web-apps, data-scraping, etc. (Php, Nette, C#, ..).

December 2015 - May 2020

Other interesting experiences and side jobs

  • Cooperation with several other companies on Android app development/maintenance - skoumal.net, rollingmobile.cz
  • Occasional full stack development: for example REST API (ASP.Net Core) for a system of experts working in the sphere of social services for vulnerable families and children - Forest-In.cz
  • Several self projects just for fun: for example Android app for adventurous finding of boxes using GPS, including backend API for it.
  • Created website for contests of creative informatics, where I also attended before - Soutěže TIB.
  • Teaching basics of programming - C#.
  • The network administration of the block in the dormitory where I lived - (Cisco)
  • Regular participation in various IT conferences (mDevCamp, meetups, ..), including speaking at meetups (Zonky mobile dev meetup 2019).
  • Completion of an international course for the development of Android applications with certification (BEST, Nis - Serbia)

Languages and technologies

  • Experiences - Android: Older and recent apps (Java, Kotlin, Kotlin-Multiplatform) of different architectures (MVI, MVVM, ..), UI (Compose, classic android XML, Anko, Epoxy, databinding), DI (Dagger, Koin), Coroutines, RxJava, AndroidAnnotations, EventBus, Navigation component, Gradle, all around Firebase (Analytics, Crashlytics, ..), automation of builds and testing (TeamCity, Azure, Jenkins, Appium + AWS device farm / TestObject), multiplatform development (KMP, Ionic, AngularJS), ...
  • Experiences - other: GIT, JIRA, Slack, C, C#, ASP.NET Core, Swagger, Php, Nette+Latte, SQL, GraphQL, REST, datascraping, redaction systems (Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress), ...


How I started programming?

Around first years at elementary school I got to simplified programming language called Baltie. Coding here consisted from moving blocks of codes, which presented basics of programming logics (cycles, variables, functions and everything important), I rate it as a simple child-friendly way to learn real coding.

  • I created many games and attended many contests in Baltie. My highest success was wining an international coding finale in 2009 (Baltie, category till 15 years).
before 2009


I always liked computer games but mostly making any kind of mod to these games. My favorite was Warcraft 3 map editor, where was possibilty to add scripts and completly change some game mechanics. Some of my mods on steam also got popular and was played by thousands people, you can check some at my Steam Workshopu. Unfortunaltely I do not have time to provide these mods enough support as they are getting outdated with every new version of the games.

In my free time

Spoken languages

Currently I can fluently talk czech and english. I do also learn russian.

In my free time


You can also check my blog, to check more interisting stuff around IT world. Unfortunately I do write it in czech only.